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image description Presents: Legends Corner- Featuring continuous and compelling blogs written by NBA veterans, Legends Corner is the content hub for some of basketball's most legendary players.


For years there was a gentleman’s agreement in the NBA circles that the last week of the season for playoff-situated teams was reserved for either rest or player development. While this usually happens in April, right before the Playoffs, some teams have been employing this strategy since Thanksgiving!

Last season the Spurs, with a veteran roster, rotated the off games for the ancient Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobli, which resulted in them being beneficiaries of a well-oiled machine throughout the NBA Finals.

But to the chagrin of NBA fans in cities around the country, teams are following this trend of resting stars who the fans have paid handsomely to see play.

Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr issued an apology to fans for his decision to rest his star players during the final quarter of the regular season.

But what began as a strategy to prolong the careers of the aging trio in San Antonio has become the trend of NBA All-stars. Players feel privileged when they are given a night off. They equate earning a rest day to being a part of the NBA elite.

Playing in all 82 games was the goal and that iron man streak carried significant weight during negotiations. Now, we are lucky if the best teams play their stars together in 75 games. Not only should today’s NBA players rest less, but if I spend hundreds to take my boys to watch LeBron in a suit, I would be RestLess!

Road to the Final Four

Some teams may be happy to be there, but if you want to win a championship you have to look at the Sweet Sixteen as just another round. When we were playing we wanted to go all the way, so we didn’t think about it as the Sweet Sixteen, we thought about it as a game against Alabama. That’s the mindset you have to have going in. I’m sure the coaches are all saying the same thing.

After that week in between rounds you don’t really feel rested, it’s more like restlessness. You’re playing almost every other day and then all of a sudden it stops for a week or so. But, you have to go out there and get ready as if you just played. You have to just pick up where you left off if you want to keep winning.

We played Alabama in the Sweet Sixteen in 1982 when we won the championship, and we never faced them before. I think they had more veteran players, but we had more dangerous players. We were the higher seed, but that goes out the window when the ball tosses up. You know you can get beat by anybody regardless of what ranking you are. In the beginning of the game, each team feels each other out, but then after a while you see where you can do some things and you figure out what you need to do to win. Teams adjust as they go along, but anyone can get hot and anyone can get cold. You just try to put your foot on their neck and wipe them out.

We didn’t do anything different out there. There might have been a play here and there that was a twist in our offense. Coach Smith was one of these coaches that adjusted well in the game. We worked with Worthy and Michael and the whole team and tried to sustain runs and then make a run of our own. If you’re up by 15, there’s so much time left and teams want to come back on you, but you have to settle in and take care of the ball.

This year North Carolina is playing Wisconsin, which like us in ’82, is a team that they haven’t seen much of before. For them to win they’ll have to play consistent basketball. They’ve been surviving in coming back on teams, but now it gets tougher with Wisconsin who is known to run their offense well through Frank Kaminsky, their big scorer, and capitalize on transitions. That’s one of the things that Wisconsin doesn’t allow other teams to do – get transition baskets.

Carolina is young and somewhat inexperienced, so in order for them to win they have to rebound the ball well, find a way to control the tempo and get as many easy baskets as possible. For Wisconsin to win, they just have to move the ball like they do, and rebound. Carolina is small and they give up rebounds. I love my Tarheels, but I think Wisconsin just might make it to the Final Four.

For the most part all of the teams that I expected to be there are there. One or two are gone. I don’t know what Tom Izzo does to get there but he always has his team in the middle of things. I think they lose to Oklahoma who also beats Louisville to get to the Final Four. I think Oklahoma might sneak in there. It doesn’t seem like Kentucky is going to lose. I can’t see Notre Dame beating them. Duke will make it.

Those are my picks – Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Duke – but anything can happen, especially if a team gets caught looking ahead. You’re always look ahead, but you can’t overlook your opponent now, otherwise you’re playing right into their hands.

Game Change

Over a billion made, not everybody getting paid.

March Madness, pure sadness.

How is the MEAC conference not a high major?

Oh, Duke took our savior.

HBCUs should always be in the fans favor, the “Marching 100” perform with flavor.

Lets be real, the best players are always Black kids

Recruitment-wise they put Black colleges on a blacklist.

They rather go to Kentucky or Duke, but the CIAA Legends weren’t a fluke.

But if you’re going one-and-done, why not go to FAMU, Howard, Hampton, or A&T?

And don’t say it’s for exposure cuz if you’re the best, you’ll be exposed, I guarantee.

But subconsciously I guess Willie Lynch is still alive

We are brainwashed as a people, didn’t change in 1865.

So, we’re stuck in this mindset, I guess its not time yet

One day we will realize that we had our minds wet.

All it takes is one to change the future of college sports, I can see it all over ESPN and Coach Cal ’s all out of sorts,

“Five All-Americans Choose to Play at Howard, players are going to Black colleges and powerhouses are losing power".

Number one in college basketball for that one season, million dollar contracts offered and you know the reason.

Paying players to sign a letter of intent would become the rule, anything to keep them in the state school.

With players being compensated, we could see where our allegiance rest, and finally witness our schools as the Nation’s best!