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March Madness Has Arrived!

It’s March Madness time! Everybody is happy, everybody is finalizing their brackets! And I’m really pumped because there’s a possibility of a team going 40-0! That hasn’t happened since Indiana did it back in the day, back in 1976.

I’m thinking Kentucky is going to go 40-0. And who saved the day for them? The Harrison twins, who came back for another year of college ball.

Now there are teams that could upset them. The first one I’m thinking about is Wisconsin. And guess what?! There are mostly upperclassmen on that team. You got Frank Kaminsky, who really popped onto the scene after deciding to stay in college. Before he was a mid-level Draft pick, and now he’s the College Player of the Year.

The next team that could upset Kentucky is Duke. Duke has a good core of strong players, and they could take it all too. They’ve got Okafor (not Emeka, the other kid!), and he’s a really good player. I’m big on Duke because I have watched Coach K train many NBA players on the U.S. Men’s National Basketball Team, and he got them up to snuff when they were going haywire, when we couldn’t even get a medal.

I respect that kind of coaching and that kind of teaching. Not that the other coaches are not teaching, but Coach K has really done such an incredible job. And you’ll notice that even after NBA guys play for him on the National Team, they rise to the top. For example, James Harden is balling this year! Steph Curry is at the top of is game. Klay Thompson, too. They all played for him last summer.

So who are my early favorites for the Final Four? I’m picking Kentucky, Duke, Wisconsin and Villanova. You heard it here first! Oh, and by the way, I stole that Villanova pick from President Obama’s bracket!

I’m planning on tuning into ALL of these games! Oh yes, I am watching every one of them. It’s the NCAA Tourney! I’m a fan of this game, and I’ll be sitting on my couch yelling and screaming at the TV. I am truly a fan!