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How Did I Pick 9 of the first 10 NCAA Games?

That's right, I picked UAB AND Georgia State
That's right, I picked UAB AND Georgia State

The great thing about announcing the methodology for picking your bracket, is that it erases all doubt as to whether or not you could've really predicted two upsets like UAB beating Iowa State and Georgia State beating Baylor, as I was able to do. The not-so-great thing about explaining my methodology, is that in spite of all my years of experience in playing basketball and working as a broadcast analyst, the most successful bracket I've ever chosen was based entirely on one factor that any schlub with no basketball knowledge could've used- mileage from campus.

I thought my lucky streak would end with a perfect bracket in the First Four, but it continued well into the first day of games, including two major upsets. It looks like Xavier will knock off Ole Miss, so my record will drop to nine of eleven, but that's still far better than I (or 98.2% of you) could've done otherwise. It won't continue. It can't, as I just can't imagine how West Virginia, if they were to get past Buffalo and a Valpo team that would have to upset Maryland, could possibly beat Kentucky. But that's ok. Even if my bracket gets wrecked, it won't be as wrecked as a lot of other folks.

However, it does drive home the point that people picking brackets should really have fun with them and not worry about team records, rankings, conference tournament performances or seedings. None of that really matters in this tournament.