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Game Change

Over a billion made, not everybody getting paid.

March Madness, pure sadness.

How is the MEAC conference not a high major?

Oh, Duke took our savior.

HBCUs should always be in the fans favor, the “Marching 100” perform with flavor.

Lets be real, the best players are always Black kids

Recruitment-wise they put Black colleges on a blacklist.

They rather go to Kentucky or Duke, but the CIAA Legends weren’t a fluke.

But if you’re going one-and-done, why not go to FAMU, Howard, Hampton, or A&T?

And don’t say it’s for exposure cuz if you’re the best, you’ll be exposed, I guarantee.

But subconsciously I guess Willie Lynch is still alive

We are brainwashed as a people, didn’t change in 1865.

So, we’re stuck in this mindset, I guess its not time yet

One day we will realize that we had our minds wet.

All it takes is one to change the future of college sports, I can see it all over ESPN and Coach Cal ’s all out of sorts,

“Five All-Americans Choose to Play at Howard, players are going to Black colleges and powerhouses are losing power".

Number one in college basketball for that one season, million dollar contracts offered and you know the reason.

Paying players to sign a letter of intent would become the rule, anything to keep them in the state school.

With players being compensated, we could see where our allegiance rest, and finally witness our schools as the Nation’s best!