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Cavs Ready To Pick Up Where They Left Off

Tristan Thompson is a big part of this series. Also, I think Shawn Marion is going to step in and play a major part as well. People don’t remember that Shawn is a former All-Star in this league. They also don’t remember that you don’t have to win 20 games right now – you just have to find a way to win 4.

Each win you get in the playoffs is going to be different than the other. The pressure ratchets up after each game as well.

I’ve been on a team with the world’s greatest player. Right now, the greatest player in the game is in Cleveland. Sometimes you just have to strap onto their back and let them carry you to the top. At that point, the remaining guys have to fill in. I think the Cavs have some good fill-in guys, but since Kevin Love is gone, it looks like it will have to be lights-out from LeBron and Kyrie.

I think size always matters, especially with guys like Joakim and Gasol. Chicago has a formidable team.

But let me tell you how we see it here in Cleveland: we are going to pick this thing up from the 90s from where we left off. It’s a nice rivalry between Cleveland and Chicago.