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The Haywood Method

(Kyle Terada/USA TODAY Sports)

Since I'm a March Madness expert, I can talk about any area of the tournament! And I'm really in the spirit this year, especially having just seen the Pac-12 Tournament here in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand.

My buddy Bill Walton was here and he made sure I secured us some great seats. And Joe Caldwell was in town for the games too (he's an old school Arizona State guy). And let's face it, it's Las Vegas - everybody wants to come here to party!

I was there enjoying the games, actin' a fool with everybody else. I went into the games neutral, with a little bit of hope that UCLA would win because of Bill. But then I wanted Oregon to win because my daughter is friend's with Alvin Robertson's son Elgin Cook (who plays for Oregon). Then they lost. So I started rooting for Arizona State with Joe. Then they lost. So I was back hanging with Bill and UCLA. They won it all, but you know, those L.A. guys can be a snooty!

I also watched all the games from over the weekend, and I am looking at Florida as the real deal to win it all. I kind of want Michigan or Michigan State to win it all, but I'm telling you, Florida is real and my #1 pick. They have a veteran team with older players, and I feel those teams do better.

My # 2 pick is Michigan State. Truth is I'm only picking them because my daughter went there. Go Spartans!