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Big Smooth Talks March Madness

As players, we look at the Tournament with an in-depth, detailed view of what's happening. We don't see brackets, we see games. 

Of course, the first game I'm looking at is University of North Carolina and Providence. I want to make sure my team (UNC) gets past the first round. They are my alma mater, and I want them to do well not matter what. I check in all year to see how the team is doing, and I always cheer for them. This year, they beat everybody, including Duke, and have tendencies to look like they can dominate. But then they lose to a team like Belmont University. They were inconsistent and went up and down in the polls. I really hope Carolina can make it through the first few rounds. 

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

I've been watching McAdoo from a distance to see how he's playing. I think he should resemble a player like Jabari Parker and be dominating more. He doesn't exert himself as much as I think he should. When he plays well, the team usually wins. When he plays sub-par, they usually don't. The team is young and the lost element is the leadership. 

I'm also interested in seeing what Wichita State does in the first game. They went undefeated this season, so I hope they aren't like Duke, who, in past years, has lost in the first round. I think if they can get over that fear of losing in the first round, they could go all the way. Everybody seems to be picking Louisville, but I don't think so. They were too up and down all season, and they aren't ready. And I don't think this is the year for a Cinderella team, either. 

Duke might go all the way. Florida might do it too, they had a good year. A quicker team like Arizona has a shot (probably a longshot) of making the Final Four. They have size, they play pretty well...they might do something in the Tournament. 

I just filled out my bracket...what do you think of my picks?!