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Is McDermott more Bird than Morrison

Looking at the retro Sports Illustrated cover featuring All-American Doug McDermott from Larry Bird's 1977 S.I. cover, the similarities between Doug and Larry Legend are as obvious as Mike D'Antoni getting fired next month from Kobe...I mean the Lakers.

Aside from being prolific collegiate scorers, similar in stature, with modest athleticism and playing for mid-major programs in the mid-west, what other commonality makes this Sports Illustrated recreation acclaimed?  The fact that they both as white players, dominated in a sport traditionally ruled by Black players and each led their respective teams single handedly into the "Big Dance" before heading to the NBA.

But before we unfairly label McDermott as the next "Great White Hope", be reminded of another copious scorer in Adam Morrison of Gonzaga who was destined for that title. Morrison was also the nation's leading scorer and college player-of -the -year from a mid-major school.

Although anointed as the second-coming of Bird, Morrison tapped out in the "Sweet 16", whereas Larry Legend carried his Indiana State Sycamores to the National Championship game to see Magic.

Hopefully the similarities between McDermott and Bird extend beyond cover poses and points, and Doug's routine of watching Bird's highlights before games inspires him to carry Creighton to AT&T Stadium in a few weeks.

And beginning today, we will find out if McDermott is more Bird than Morrison.