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Michigan State Going All The Way!

Wow, we have lots of upsets going down, people! I don't know if I'm going to last through this Tournament. I might be in intensive care before this thing is over because I am getting very emotional and hyped about these games! 

Yesterday I watched Oregon beat BYU and Elgin Cook (Alvin Robertson's son) have the biggest game of his college career. I watched it at home with my daughter Isis. We cooked some breakfast- eggs, turkey bacon and holistic pancakes (I call them that because we had sugar-free syrup with them) and really got into some serious ball. And breakfast was delicious!

During the Pac-12 I was commenting about how I thought Oregon needed to play pressure defense. And yesterday, they played pressure defense. They played BYU out! A couple kids on that team grew up in Las Vegas, so I saw them play as kids. And my daughter played against their schools. Now they are grown up and it's cool to see them play on the college level. 

I was delighted with Michigan State of course. Oh, and that reminds me. I'm switching my #1 pick from Florida to Michigan State, yay! Can I do that? Is it legal? I was feeling the pressure of picking Florida. I started thinking about Pat Riley in Miami and Bob McAdoo (who I played with in New York) and went all in with Florida. But I can't be persuaded like that! I have to go back to Michigan State. My daughter graduated from there, my sister went there, and I grew up in Detroit...I have an excuse! So I'm trading one Laker (Pat Riley) for another (Magic Johnson). And if the President thinks Michigan State is gonna win it all, I have to agree with him. I gotta roll with the Prez!

My weekend plans consist of more cooking with Isis and more serious ball. It's going to tighten up this weekend and by next week I should be in intensive care! I'm hyped because I'm a looney fan! And I'm going to switch over to the women's Tournament too. My daughters played basketball, so I love to watch that too! I just love basketball the max...watching, playing, anything to do with it. 

Oh, and don't forget about my favorite mascot: Wichita State's WuShock! HAHA! I thought I'd drop that in as a parting goodbye! 

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images