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March Mad!

In the NBA playoffs there are few upsets. It's just too hard to beat a team 4 times when they are better than you. I won't say it never happens but usually there are some special circumstances. Possibly an injury or illness.

Sometimes you get a weird matchup issue like when Golden State had Dallas' number a few years ago.

The NCAA tournament is just the opposite. It is more like navigating a minefield. One cold shooting night, foul trouble, or a opponent shooting out of his mind and it is all over. As the games slow down and stay close the possibility of getting stuck by lightning increase via a half court shot or a missed bunny.

So went the Orange against Dayton. Bad shooting, untimely turnovers, and missed game winners doomed the former #1 team.

That's the beauty and agony of the tournament. That's why the billion dollars is safe. There is just no calling it.

And to show you how perverse it is I am now rooting for the Flyers. No one wants their team to get upset just to have that team get hammered in the next game that you feel you could have won.

So bring it on. I'm a Dayton man all the way to the Final 4!