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March Madness Sweet Sixteen Continued!!

Here is my bracket and no, I'm not a billion dollars richer!! Upsets, upsets and more upsets.. Let me 1st start with the biggest upset of the tourney, Duke being beat by Mercer. Clearly this shocked every bracket from here to China. Nobody saw this coming, I even tweeted that there were no Mercer jersey's in the hood. But I have to give them credit, Coach K entered the Mercer locker room after the game and commended the players for showing the nation that they meant business.
My second shocker team of tournament had to be Dayton. Not once but twice, 1st beating Ohio State and then taking out Syracuse. They played like a bunch of scrappy thugs.
Which leads me to their opponent in the sweet sixteen, Stanford. Stanford takes out New Mexico and then riding the back of the Canadian Mr. Powell with 15pts eliminates Kansas and freshman Andrew Wiggins. Kansas playing without injured Center Embid, didn't have enough bullets in the holster.
So in essence it pays to stay in school. Tyler Ennis and Andrew Wiggins have big decisions to make about their NBA futures. But one thing is certain, these Canadians have a nasty NCAA tournament taste in their mouths with early exit losses.