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Great White Hope or Hype?

Eric Francis/Getty Images

Doug McDermott is the 5th leading scorer in NCAA history. He is in contention for National Player of the Year. He led the NCAA in scoring this year.
So the question is, is "Doug E Fresh" hope or hype. Hope would put him in the conversation of the next Larry Bird or Dirk. Hype would put him in the conversation of the next Adam Morrison.
I'm hoping the NBA can draft some hope. 1st of all this is a fine young man with great character. The NBA could use some more guys with a hard nose work ethic ready to do what it takes to win. This what I see when I watch Doug play. His foot work is some of the best that I have seen this season in the NCAA. He gets good separation on his jump shot and reads screens very well. His pro ability includes being able to see 2-3 plays ahead and when a surrounded by other pros this will show up big.
So where do I see him in the Draft? late lottery for a GM looking for a player ready to contribute right away!! DoggPound approved, Woof.