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Bracket Busted? What Is YOUR Method To The Madness?

Each year I have a great time filling out my bracket.  I look at teams, the match ups, recent play, the venue, my heart, (and then try to counter act that with my head). And have had little luck.

What is your method?

My wife looks at team colors, the mascots, the cheerleaders and the coaches.  She often beats me. Arrg!

So I have been thinking that since it is so hard to have a bracket that is one you can be proud of past the first couple of rounds, maybe I should change my approach.

What do you think of this idea?

·         Three number one seeds advance

·         Two number two seeds advance

·         Two number three seeds advance      and...................

·         Rock, Paper, Scissors for all of the rest

Or maybe a combination of what I do what my wife does and the suggestion above?

Please help me find a method, I am searching for answers. My bracket is BUSTED!

I was lucky enough to play D-1 basketball, get drafted into the NBA and play 10 years pro basketball.  All of that really doesn't matter when it comes down to March Madness as each year I am terrible at picking upsets, calling long shots and knowing which team will advance.

I realize that is half of the fun, luckily picking upsets but please, give me some ideas.  I'm stumped!


I might just throw darts from here on out.