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Next Up- Sweet 16

Everybody knows how the Carolina game ended...they just ran out of time. It was a good game, but it would have been exciting to see what would have happened if they got a timeout or a last shot. Even though I hated to see Carolina lose a game like that, I didn't expect them to beat Iowa State anyway, so I wasn't too crushed. 

I can't believe Baylor is still in this. Their conference is so weak and they barely play anybody, so I'm interested in seeing how they play in their next game. And the Final Four is in their hometown. I don't really think they have a chance of getting that far, but they could be a surprise. Probably not, though, I don't see any Cinderella team in there this year. 

I'm looking forward to seeing what Michigan State and Florida does. I think they are both solid enough to be Final Four teams and too strong for other teams. And they have the experience and know what to expect. In these situations, experience matters a great deal. Younger teams make more mistakes and are not used to playing outside of their region and away from their home court. It's a while different thing. 

If I had to pick today, I want to say Florida has a good chance of winning it all. They play well and have a nice little defense going. And their coach is headstrong. Their chances are very good. 

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I've also enjoyed watching the kid from Creighton. Doug McDermott. The scouting reports for other teams is to stop him. If you stop him, you stop Creighton. You can double team him, triple team, and he still gets it done. He's definitely attracting the NBA scouts. 

I'll be watching tonight's games from my hotel room in Austin. If UNC had made it to the Sweet 16, I would have gone to New York to watch them live. Those games at Madison Square Garden are going to be exceptional, highlighted by where they are playing. I'm sure those players have butterflies and can't wait for the game to start. They are about to play on a big stage!