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Let the Badger Bandwagon Begin..

The new kid on the block stands 6'11" and his name is Frank Kaminski. The Wisconsin Badgers have now officially arrived. Coach Ryan took Arizona to the wire. An overtime game for the ages, two heavyweight boxers going toe to toe in the middle of the ring. Possession by possession coming down to the last shot by former Findlay Prep Pilot Nick Johnson. It's a shame that one team had to loose.
Riding the back of a relative unknown junior, Frank Kaminski was to much for the Wildcats. A true College Matchup nightmare, Kaminski took Arizona inside the paint and then outside the arc. Never allowing Sean Miller and the crew to get a grasp on what play was going to happen next. With 28points and 11 rebounds, Kaminski has raised enough eye brows to at least get a pro camp invite. Let's see how this story plays out. As of right now with Wisconsin making the final four, I'm a believer.