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Blue Chippers vs. Role Players (Kentucky vs. Wisconsin)

Wisconsin's Coach Bo Ryan is a great coach and has a great program.  I know this because the Badgers consistently win. In 13 seasons, Bo's Badgers has never gotten worse than a tie for fourth place in the Big Ten's regular season standing. Pretty impressive.

Bo takes good players and teaches them how to get better.  Then he assembles a team, making sure the players  know their roles, instils work ethic, and puts a solid game plan together. 

The Wisconsin Badger program is solid.

Kentucky's coach John Calipari is also a great coach and has a great program.  His approach is a little different then Bo's, he is a great recruiter.  Calipari somehow lands some of the best players each year and coaches a team of youngsters that are often one-and-done. 

Coach Calipari has a different way of going about things then Bo Ryan.  He reminds me a little of an NBA coach, an ego manager. The players that play for the Wildcats have been told by people they are the best since sliced bread since they were in the 6th grade.  In many cases, they are.  These youngsters are definitely fantastic talents.

To begin the season, the team struggled. Coach Calipari needed the entire year to get his mostly freshman team to gel.  The Wildcats were pre-season favorites and are now showing why.

Rebounding will be a key stat as Kentucky is the No. 1 offensive rebounding team and Wisconsin is the No. 12 defensive rebounding team in the country. Brute strength as the battle of the boards will be fun to witness.

If Kentucky shoots well enough, maybe there won't be any rebounds. Kentucky could win this game on their ability to shoot three pointers.  They have shot almost 45% from the three point line during the NCAA tournament and knocked off Michigan, Wichita State and Louisville on game-winning three point shots.

It will be fun to watch the best player in the final four, Shabazz Napier.  It will be fun to watch Frank Kaminsky as well as he is difficult to match up against with his variety of post moves and ability to shoot the three and drive past slower defenders.

Saturday will showcase two great coaches, two great programs, and two ways to get to the final four. 

Both teams have earned their place and both teams will be coached up and flying high. May the winner go to the best, most established program.