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NCAA Final Four

Here's the real Madness behind the NCAA's March Madness. Apparently the April FOOLS joke is on the so called Student-Athletes. Of the 4 teams that made the Final Four, 3 are listed in the BOTTOM 10 for all major conferences for graduating their basketball players. Here are their graduation rates according to the Bootleg Report: UCONN 10% Florida 17% Wisconsin 40% and the last Final Four participant Kentucky, didn't make the list but you know something is fishy here because their ENTIRE freshman class has went hardship to the NBA the last few years.

It doesn't surprise me that the teams that are excelling on the court are the ones who are making athletics a priority over education. I was shocked to see Wisconsin on the list with only a 40% graduation rate. It gets worst for all schools when you consider the graduation rate of their Black players. Wisconsin only has a few but the Black player graduation rate is 0% at Wisconsin. Bootleg didn't list the graduation rates for Black basketball players at UCONN , Florida and Kentucky but I would be shocked if the numbers were higher than their 10%, 17% and 0% overall graduation rate for all basketball players .

The NLRB ruling last week in favor of a Northwestern football player, which was the first step in allowing private school football players to form a union and be considered employees of universities is a step in the right direction, but a more important step would be the proper education of the so called Student-Athletes. US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan spoke of the injustice that's taking place regarding the so call Student-Athlete on Meet the Press. He said coaches should be judged by their players performance in the classroom just as much as they are judged by their players performance on the court. He was also in favor of establishing an Education Trust for the so called Student-Athletes, which would allow them to return to their universities and complete their undergraduate and graduate degrees. He mention that 50% of Div 2 basketball players polled thought that they would make it to the NBA. He also reveal that most Div 1 coaches bonuses are based on performance on the court instead of in the classroom.

So far the the Madness that takes place in March has led to the April FOOLS joke being on the so called Student-Athlete after the Final Four!