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Congrats Kevin Ollie, I Remember The Scouting Report On You!

Now that is how you win a championship!

Congratulations to the Huskies of UConn and Kevin Ollie.

I remember playing against KO in the CBA. (Continental Basketball Association) He was playing for the Connecticut Pride and I was playing on one of the seven CBA teams I played on over my career.  I believe I was playing for the Fort Wayne Fury the year we encountered Kevin and the Pride.

He was always a leader, a hard worker and a heck of a player.  With grit and determination, as well as the leadership skills he possesses, the Pride was no question a tough team to beat.  As a matter of fact, I believe they beat our team more then we beat them.

The scouting report on Kevin was just that, KO is a great leader, motivator and worker he is like having a coach on the court.  Play him tight, but give him room.  Frustrate him, but he is unflappable. Get in his head, but he is always a calm player.  Give him different looks on both offense and defense, but he adapts quickly during a game.

So what did the scouting report say really?  He was a very heady player that has great talent and has basketball smarts.

KO played for the Oklahoma City Thunder and check out what Kevin Durant said about him in an interview...

Kevin Ollie "taught me the ropes and changed the culture of Oklahoma City."  He said, "Kevin Ollie, he was a game changer for us. I think he changed the whole culture in Oklahoma City. Just his mind set, professionalism, every single day. And we all watched that, and we all wanted to be like that. It rubbed off on Russell Westbrook, myself, Jeff Green, James Harden. And then everybody who comes through now, it's the standard that you've got to live up to as a Thunder player. And it all started with Kevin Ollie."

He was known the same with the Cleveland Cavaliers as well.  Jim Paxson, Cavaliers GM at the time, said this about KO... "We thought he could come in and be a bridge for us at the point guard position," Paxson recalled, "and also be a good influence on our younger players, the primary one being LeBron James." Paxson cited Ollie's "professionalism and approach to the game" as qualities the team valued.

Much praise for a player who did and does it right.  Not a surprise he is in the running for a head coach  job in the NBA.  (STAY AT UCONN!)

Congratulations, I remember a really nice person and I am a big fan of yours Kevin Ollie.