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Sportsmanship and Human Relationships

We have heard many people opine about the recently revealed comments spoken by the LA Clippers long-time owner. His words speak volumes about the hidden feelings many people have about each other on a personal level, but would never utter. Most of those who are professing outrage over these comments have spoken words that are demeaning to others and have thought thoughts of ill will and bias towards the poor, women, gays and other subsets of people in our society including those who are mentally challenged.

I hope we all take a long look in the mirror at ourselves and profess to change our own attitudes towards others and how we discriminate against, typecast, and dehumanize our fellow human beings.

This high-profile man made himself a target of wrath and rightfully so. He allowed the vile inside of him to flow to the surface for all to witness. Let's hope that everyone works harder to cleanse themselves of the simmering jealousy, envy, and self righteousness that resides in some measure in all of us.

I believe that good triumphs over evil and that most people live with a sense of fairness and acceptance toward others. A live and let live attitude that allows everyone to co-habitate peacefully. 

I, for one, would like to know what tripped in this man's mind that led to his remarks that he preferred that this female friend of his not be so publicly associated with black people. If he comes out and honestly admits to how he perceives black people or their culture we all might learn how to better fight against having those same misconceptions about others in our own minds. The knowledge that transparency brings about is what will help change our attitudes and prejudices.