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Thank You, Donald Sterling

Thank you, Donald Sterling. You have just united America and the NBA Family.

Today is a special day, it's unification that's unbelievable. This is so big and so special that it's leading America to a better place. What Adam Silver did up on that podium is the best thing that could have happened in America and in pro sports at this time. Today was a step in the right direction.

Sport has made some of the most significant changes in history and has often been in the forefront of political movement - Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Babe Ruth, to name a few. All of a sudden, once again, sports is causing everyone to stop and look. This is justice. Adam doesn't know it yet, but what that skinny, bald-headed guy up there did is not only going to go down in sports history, but American history. It wasn't just a b.s. press conference. This man felt it in his heart. When I heard the Commissioner start by acknowledging Chuck Cooper, Earl Lloyd, Nate "Sweetwater" Clifton, Bill Russell, and Magic Johnson...I knew he was on it. And for anyone who was worried what it would be like to have a new Commissioner, I think Adam just passed the test with flying colors.

I am so proud of the reaction of the NBA Family. From the NBA Commissioner, to Kevin Johnson and the NBPA, to Otis Birdsong and the NBRPA, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Chris Paul and the Clippers, LeBron James, Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki, and the rest of the young players, I am so proud of you. This is the first time I've seen the young players respect - I mean really show respect for - the older players and the game itself. There's something in the air that is so special and it's leading us to a better place. This reminds me of the Jay Z and Kanye West song "Made In America."

I don't know what happens from here, but I know it's going to be great...and that's the spiritual side of me talking. God uses people in a very strange way for the right thing at the right time. Weird, but it happens. What Mr. Sterling said and did was a good thing. He might be a bad person to a lot of people, but there's good in what he did. 

So, thank you Donald Sterling. 

You have prompted a monumental moment in sports history, and we are alive to witness it. It's a beautiful thing. What could have possibly galvanized the American sports community quite like this?

If you mess with sports, you are messing with some serious stuff. And if you mess with the NBA, you are messing with the most serious stuff.

And here we are, in the midst of the best NBA season and the best NBA playoffs I have ever witnessed...and it's just the first round. Get ready because these playoffs are about to get even better. This is the time to ball and these guys are going to show exactly what they are made of. 

Thanks again, Donald Sterling.