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Random thoughts about basketball.

Why doesn't the Uconn brass offer to double the value of the scholarships of the players just like they are offering to double their coach's compensation package? The last time I looked the coach didn't make any baskets or block any shots.

Have you seen any tweets and written reactions from any current non-black NBA players concerning  Donald Sterlings comments? I haven't seen one much less 20%. Just saying!

Why do players have to put on a tough face, scream or pound their chest when making a shot? Do they think they have just done something that hasn't ever been done before? Flash back to Jerry West making a 3/4 court shot in a playoff game and contrast his reaction to todays players. 

Also, can the players use a little restraint and not mouth the words m...... f...... so vehemently when they get upset and excited. This is offensive to many viewers and unnecessary from my point of view and not the language the league, the fans or their mothers want to hear.

Why do coaches draw up plays at the end of games that look like one of the plays that they have been running all game long?

Why do players slap hands with everyone on the team after every free throw made or missed that isn't a live ball situation? This action has not contributed to an improvement in Free throw percentages.

Does every play always have to include a pick and roll action or is this just my imagination?

The NBA shortened the time to cross the half court line from 10 seconds to eight seconds to speed up the game, yet we have more shots taken at the end of the 24 second possession rule than ever before. If you really wanted to speed up the game just change the rule that you have to take the ball out after a made shot. Allow a player to transition with the ball as soon as it goes through the net.

Who is Caron Butler pretending to talk to on the hand phone that he uses after making a shot?

I think it is perfectly fine to help a teammate up from a fall but to sprint over to him looks a bit extreme to me and the player who is down always waits for someone to help him up like the elderly woman in the ad that says " I've fallen and I can't get up".

And why is it necessary to put three fingers up in the air when a three point shot is made? Isn't that the referees job?

After reading this blog I think I am getting old and starting to sound like my father! Ha. But I love this game and am amazed by the way todays players can move so fast and powerfully yet still stop on a dime and make a difficult play. You very seldom see a player mishandle a pass even when thrown at a tough angle. People who are casual fans think that the NBA is all freelance action when that can't be further from the truth. Random offense makes up less than 20% of all the plays you see including fast breaks, which are in essence full court plays. Everything you see being run is primarily a rehearsed set with various options to keep the defense honest. What is important is that at the end of the set play the ball is in the hands of your best offensive players and shot makers.

Lets hope the rest of the playoffs series are just as exciting as the first round has been.

Have you noticed that the games are officiated quite differently now than at the beginning of the season. However, the point of emphasis on enforcing palming the ball violations or cupping the ball to gain an advantage has made our game look better. For awhile there it started looking like a street game.