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ROUND TWO (Playoffs)

It's ROUND 2 of the NBA PLAYOFFS! I'm looking forward to watching some great basketball. Seems as though each team is equally matched. Which makes the battle to the Finals much more interesting. The first 2 games were Won on early 3-point shots made. WIZARD'S guard TREVOR ARIZA went 6/6 and CLIPPER'S guard CHRIS PAUL went 6/6 from long range giving there Teams the MUCH NEEDED 1-0 LEAD. On another note, you have MIAMI vs BROOKLYN tomorrow. Although the HEAT are favorited to make it to the FINALS don't sleep on the NETS. The MIAMI HEAT are currently 0-4 against the NETS this year. So they are capable of delivering the KNOCK OUT. Will the HEAT Sweep another team or will they get Swept? PLAY BIG OR GO HOME...