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I have been watching the playoffs with interest but am continually dumbfounded by the shot selection of players late in the game. It seems that there is such an infatuation with the three point shot that it is now the shot of choice for when a basket is needed to either get a lead or maintain it in a close contest. I watched with amazement when the Wizards, down by 3, and getting stops, attempted 4 perimeter shots in a row, missing all 4. I watched the Hawks who were having their way with the Pacers inside set a record for 3 pointers attempted in a game while shooting a deplorable %. I watch teams drain the clock only to run a middle screen and roll and then throw up a difficult contested jumper that we used to describe as a hail mary shot. Why do teams in both the college and pro ranks have offenses that are devoid of clever inside plays that produce shots at the rim without all the 1 on 1 dribbling, jumping in the air when cut off and then throwing to a player 23 feet from the basket. The only two teams that don't do this on a regular basis are the Heat and Spurs. Duh! They have players who, by and large, try to finish at the rim when getting into the paint. The Spurs are also best inside passing team in the league. I also can't understand why players who have 3 on 2 or 3 on 1 situations pull up for 3's instead of trying to get a layup. The fast break is a full court play that is highly productive when used properly but the court balance, pace and patience needed on the play is often totally out of whack on many occasions in todays game. I admire the skill and quality of play of todays athletes but the players and coaches need to watch some old time plays and get a better perspective on how to effectively finish out games. The margin in winning and losing games is small vs: playoff teams so it is key to make sound decisions at all times. I don't have access to the statistics and play action percentages in the league so they may discredit my assertions but I would love to get some reasoning for this shift in play from the experts. What I do know for a fact is that the importance of having a great low post offense is waning more and more, year after year.