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greg oden and michael jordan

As a former NBA center I don't believe Greg Oden is a bust because he was never that high on my list to be a superstar in the 1st place. He played one year in college at Ohio State. He averaged 30 mins, 16pts, 10 reb. and shot 60% from the free throw line. These are hardly numbers that translate into all an star player on the professional level. My guess is that even if Greg had not gotten hurt he would have been, at best, a good journeyman player. And there is nothing wrong with that. That is what most players are, with fits of brilliance along the way. The blame goes on all the unwarranted hype that was placed on the player and the poor judgement in the Trailblazers for selecting him 1st overall in the draft. He is typical of many players who are big and strong at an early age but never develop into great players when the playing field levels out because they are too one dimensional. He should continue believing in himself and if he has a passion for the game and it's competition he is young enough to remake his career. If he is playing only for the money and doesn't possess the fire to train hard and improve his skill levels then he will always be what he describes himself to be. But I bet down deep he knows that his reputation as a player is not as important as the character he has as a man. If he is physically capable then make that decision to keep playing and make us all believers. If the knees are that damaged that he can't handle the rigors of the NBA then retire. He is still a young man with a great head start on the rest of his life. 

I am glad Michael got to be coached by Dean Smith so that his hatred of white people was replaced by the love of a white person.