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Michael Sam- NOT Mr. Irrelevant!

This year, Lonnie Ballentine was last to be drafted to the NFL.  This last place draft spot is referred to as Mr. Irrelevant. I know Lonnie worked hard for that spot but I wonder if Michael Sam, the first openly drafted gay person to the NFL, will be the one who earns the title. For the sake of world advancement and common sense, I hope not.

After Michael Sam's stock dropped after coming out as a gay man, he was finally drafted in the seventh and last round of the NFL draft, 249th overall. He was very close to the last draft slot, missing the Mr. Irrelevancy title by only 7 draft picks.

I am happy that the St. Louis Rams drafted Sam, although he deserved to be drafted much higher.

Or did he?  

Was this selection necessary due to the backlash of not drafting Sam? Not drafting Sam would have caused much bigger issues for the NFL.  This somehow feels like a cover your ass NFL draft pick.

Was Michael Sam being drafted late a pity selection? 

The only thing pitiful here is that being drafted to St. Louis may hurt Sam in the long run. He could easily not make the team; people don't make a team all the time.  If Michael was not drafted, he would have had more teams to choose from that need his services as a player, not as a homosexual PR agenda. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that St. Louis drafted Michael as a PR agenda; maybe they REALLY have a genuine interest in his ability to play the game.  But being gay hasn't hurt jersey sales as Michael Sam is the number two selling jersey.  

I, like many, want to see Sam have a long and prosperous career.  Rooting for the underdog is the American way. Sadly, sexual orientation places him as the underdog and is also the American way. It would be un-American to see him being used as an example of how far the NFL has come; I hope this is not the case. It would have been best for Michael not to have been drafted because his chances of making St. Louis team diminished due to where in the draft Sam was drafted.

Was Michael Sam drafted to NOT make the NFL?

There is something to be said about timing.  Maybe one day, a gay person will simply be gay and will not have to "come out" ever. Their sexual orientation would be known by acting like the human being they are. This "coming out" wouldn't even need to be announced, simply known. (Like Liberace, come on-we all knew!  I joke, even if a gay person doesn't "act gay" doesn't mean they aren't, but having a significant other of the same sex is a giveaway)

My experience playing professional basketball with a gay teammate or opponent is limited, as far as I know. I played professional basketball against John Amaechi.  John is a very nice man and everything that I remember about him; he is a gentleman, smart and caring.  John came out as gay after his professional career had ended. Is this perfect timing?

I did not play with or against openly gay NBA player Jason Collins as he is younger than I and our paths did not cross on the court. The timing of Jason's announcement is interesting too. Late in his career he used his sexual orientation as a way to extend his waning career.  Why did you choose to wait Jason? Would you have not had a career if you announced at the beginning like Sam?  The Brooklyn Nets took in Collins and there seems not to be a problem.  "He is gay, so what?" seems to be the sediment. Is this perfect timing?

I wonder if the timing of Jason Collin's announcement was such that he will have a platform to find work promoting acceptance of homosexuals in sports after his playing career. If so, then Jason is quite creative, as transitioning after a professional sports career is difficult for any pro athlete.

But to announce that you are gay BEFORE the draft is a totally different approach, Sam.

Take Brittney Griner, and her timing to announce being gay as another example.

Brittney Griner timed her coming out party after being drafted No. 1 to the WNBA.  Should have Michael Sam came out the same way, after the draft?  Is this perfect timing? (Seemed to be for Brittney)

Where would Michael Sam been drafted if he did not announce he was gay before the draft? One of two things would have happened. 

Either Mr. Sam would not have been drafted at all, or, he would have been drafted much higher.

Good luck to you Michael Sam.  I hope you turn this draft pick into a 10-year successful career.  We all wait to see how this/you/Rams/NFL/Hall of Fame plays out.