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The CLIPPERS blow a Golden Opportunity. Ahead by 7 points with less than 1 minute remaining and they lose concentration. Mental mistakes down the stretch not only cost them the game but it could ultimately cost them the series. CLIPPERS floor General Chris Paul is the 1st to admit that he gave this one away. Even the best will fall, but true test is in how we pick ourselves up. I can't wait to see how Paul responds in the next game. I really like this Young Man. MVP DURANT struggled offensively and walks away with the victory. The CLIPPERS are down 3-2 and it doesn't look good. What are the odds that DURANT will repeat his horrible shooting performance? Oklahoma / Seattle fans have to be elated. I have an idea! After the THUNDER advances to the next round and all the smoke clears, why not engage in a serious conversation about the CLIPPERS to SEATTLE. This city deserves another team and would welcome one with open arms. Please give me a call MR. HANSON, I'm easy to find. Book me on the next available flight to Seattle. I would welcome an opportunity to work with the players. I'm yours, Love and Basketball.