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Home, Sweet Home

When Lebron James announced "The Decision" to leave dreary Cleveland back in 2010 for beautiful South Beach, very few people imagined there would be a strong possibility of his return home four years later.

The vitriol spewed from the mouth of Cavs owner Dan Gilbert(Sterling) and the fan revolt of burning James' jerseys on the streets of Cleveland was enough to fear for LeBron's safety if he ever visited the state of Ohio. Gilbert, who personally guaranteed that his Cleveland Cavaliers "would win an NBA title before the self-titled former 'King' wins one", in his infamous spurned love letter to Cavs fans, is willing to let LRMR decide on the new coach to appeal to James.

Unfortunately for Gilbert, his prediction was as far off as the search for the missing plane, as LeBron has won two consecutive NBA titles and is currently seeking his third in four years. But karma and the NBA has been incredibly generous to the Cavs, who somehow managed to win three No 1 draft selections in the same time frame. And that my friends, is why 'The King' may return to his castle... in Cleveland.

Without a doubt, this is the last 'run' for the Big Three in Miami, as injuries and declining skills have taken its toll on James' running mates.

The Cavs, who boasts one of the best point guards in the world, maintain last year's top choice Anthony Bennett and the rights to select another franchise player in next month's draft. Couple those pieces with solid veteran role players and cap space, provides Gilbert a redeeming opportunity to resign James and heighten the resurgence of the recently morbid city of Cleveland. Oh, and coincidentally, LeBron's affiliate Johnny Football was just drafted by the hometown Browns!

There is nothing like "Home, Sweet Home"