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The HEAT had a chance to close out their series against the PACERS last night but were unable to do so. LeBron's early foul trouble hurt their team. Did you see Stephenson of the PACERS blow into LeBron's ear? He admits that he likes getting underneath LeBron's skin. Was he successful in doing so or did LeBron just have a bad game? The HEAT controlled possession of the ball in the final 15 seconds down by 2 points. Instead of attacking the basket to tie the game and force an overtime, James elected to pass the ball to Bosh for a last-second, game-winning 3 pointer. What would JORDAN or BRYANT have done in that situation? Instead of finishing off the PACERS to gain rest for the Finals, the series continues. The PACERS won't finish this race down 3-2. But scoring 7 points, along with making bad decisions in crunch time, won't win a Championship for King James. The HEAT can't rely on Ray Allen to save them again this year.