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My NBA Finals Outlook

The Miami Heat has an opportunity to do something very few teams have ever managed to do - win three consecutive NBA Championships. For that to occur, they will need to play their best basketball of the season. There is no doubt in my mind that the San Antonio Spurs were the best basketball team during this past season. 

However, with the health of Tony Parker and his injured ankle up in the air, the outcome of this series is totally unpredictable. Without a healthy Parker, the Heat's chances of getting the infamous 3-peat improve dramatically. 

Credit must be given to Miami for playing like defending champions. Their winning percentage during the playoffs has been better than any team and the play of two of their big three stars has been exemplary. Both Wade and James have played like the future Hall of Famers they will become five years after their retirement.

The bench and depth of the Spurs, especially with the outstanding play of Manu Ginobili, gives them a distinct advantage. But to expect them to perform as they did in the second half of Game 6 versus the Thunder, without Parker, and be able to win four games against the Heat, is asking too much.  

After being denied a Championship last season in the Finals due to poor play in the last few minutes of Game 6 and an official failing to call a traveling violation on Ray Allen's three-point shot, the Spurs have been on a mission and are happy to once again have a chance to play the Heat for the NBA Championship. I am looking forward to seeing whether or not they are able to accomplish that mission.