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My Finals Predictions and Some Reflecting

San Antonio's situation is like the equivalent of not getting the gift you wanted on Christmas. And now Christmas is here again, and they have the opportunity to make the wrongs right and get the gift they want. They are hungry, they are desperate, and they feel like they are the superior team.

As for Miami, it wasn't easy for them to get to this year's Finals. They had to overcome what all Championship teams have to overcome – adversity and struggle – to get to this destination. I think they have a "something to prove" attitude going into this year's Finals because it was miraculous how they won Game 6 last year. It just doesn't normally happen that way, so some people take the credit away.

Actually, I think both teams feel that they have something to prove, which is a great set-up for Game 1 tonight!

I reflect back to when I was playing with the Showtime Lakers and we beat the Boston Celtics in '87...and then playing the next year to defend our crown and trying to find a way to beat the Detroit Pistons in 7 games. People say we lucked out because of the circumstances (Isiah Thomas getting hurt). And then we tried to repeat in a re-match with the Pistons. That's how Miami is this year – an almost identical kind of situation.

I think this series is going to be a carbon copy of last year's Finals. Miami is going to at least win one on the road and can easily steal Game 1...then turn the tide and have the home court advantage. I think it will be a hard-fought 6 games, but I could see it going 7. I think Miami will be the champion at the end, but I'm it sure won't be an easy road.

I will be glued to every second of the game. Tonight I will be watching from home, but I'm planning on and looking forward to being in the arena during at least one of games before this is out.

This is the best part of the NBA season to me! As a player, it was the best part. You were excited to start the season, but you played for the playoffs and you lived for the Finals. This is beyond exciting for me.