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College Kid Gets Help With Homework? Whoop De Doo.

What a surprise. A college athlete declares that he got help with his classwork. Well whoop de doo! I would bet that a high percentage of college athletes in a D1 program have gotten help maintaining a grade average to remain eligible. This happens in fraternities as well because they compete with all the other frat houses on campus for academic bragging rights. The only difference is the severity of the offense. What is shocking is that professors are in on the scam. We used to have to buy our essays or cheat sheets. Plus, why do you see all the short white guys sitting on the ends of benches of these teams? They are used as good examples of how to study and boost the GPA of the team and their graduation rates. 

As I have stated before, how do you expect a student with pumped up high school grades to handle college courses? This passing through of underachieving students begins in grade school. College classwork is hard even for well-prepared students. I think that the majority of the kids take pride in accomplishing most of their coursework on their own because they are curious and want to learn. My motto was " If you go to class you will pass." If you don't believe me, then you believe that Bill Clinton "didn't inhale nor have sexual relations with that woman"; Dick Cheney didn't have anything to do with Halliburton getting the bids on the oil rigs that failed in the Gulf of Mexico; or that President Obama is not a practitioner of Islam. Just saying. With the money they are paying John Calipari his main focus is on winning baby!