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How I Beat The Heat

I know that many of you are criticizing LeBron for getting leg cramps. Your legs are capable of running and jumping, but a cramp to one of the biggest muscles in your body is no joke. 

A cramp prohibits the muscle from relaxing and contracting normally, therefore rendering it inoperable. Plus, the pain alone can be crippling. I used to drink a concoction of celery juice and carrot juice along with lots of room temperature water throughout the game. The celery juice acts as a blood cleaning agent that allows more oxygen to be in the system. It helps keep your head clear when you are in various stages of exhaustion. Works better than Gatorade with all the sugar in it. 

Also, I can't remember one player go out with cramps in all the games I played as a pro, even in the hot games in the Boston Garden when some players used oxygen masks during timeouts. Hey, wouldn't that be a playing enhancer nowadays. We used cold towels soaked in vinegar and water on our heads and necks to cool us down during timeouts. 

By the way, the home team locker room in the old Garden was hot as well, guys. Sometimes we would have the windows open in the winter and snow would be floating in because it was so hot. Players should stop whining about the dead spots on the floor and the poor locker rooms. I played in NBA arenas that had worse floors and locker rooms like Cleveland, Chicago and Atlanta, to name a few.

I am rooting for the Spurs to win. Both teams are class acts, but I want to see total team harmony get rewarded. Where is Violet Palmer? And I see that another guard got a head coaching job in the NBA.