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The NBA Finals Game of Adjustments

Where to begin? Overall, the series is a perfect set-up, in the sense that it has all the ingredients of a fantastic 7-game series.

It doesn't seem like San Antonio was dominant at home. Game 1 was competitive, back and forth, nobody really pulling away. Obviously circumstances played a big factor in how both teams played. And it really affected Miami at the end because LeBron had to go out...which did play a difference in the outcome I think.

In Game 2, conditions were normal and both teams were at full strength. The difference was LeBron. He played an exceptional game from an offensive and defensive standpoint. And one thing I noticed was that it was more like a 1980s basketball game, with more of the physicality. You could touch someone and not get called for it. You earned your fouls. I'm used to contact, and a flagrant foul for me means that somebody practically comes onto the court swinging a chair from the stands! I like that and I think that's the way it should be played more often, especially when it gets to this high of stakes.

I think Tony Parker flopped when he got hit by Chalmers, just like I think Dwyane flopped on Ginobili. It's a game of showmanship, a game of trying to create an edge. It's the game within the game that you're taught to play at that level. Maybe you don't draw the foul on that particular play, but you put it in the refs' minds for the next questionable call.

So it's a good thing that the refs have replay. And I like that they have Steve Javie on the sideline, it's great to have his analysis there. We used to call him "Quick Draw" Steve because he would give you a technical for looking at him the wrong way, but I'm glad to see him on the sidelines.

Popovich is a genius at making adjustments, that's why he's such a great playoff coach. He's a great manager of time and space during the regular season, which is why he's able to condition his guys in the long haul.

In Game 2, Miami was intent and focused on attacking the basket, getting into the paint and not settling for the outside shot. I was impressed because that's not normally them. If they are able to keep doing that (attack the basket with intensity), I don't know if San Antonio can contain them. But I do think that Popovich has probably already figured out a game plan for that.

I think Game 3 will go to Miami – they are going to have a lot of the energy that comes along with playing at home...and I am already sitting down waiting for the game to start!