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Stage Set for 7-Game Series

The message that San Antonio sent last night was that this series is not over. They clearly were not rolling over and dying.

Even though they shot 76 percent in the first half, I think the bigger factor was their mentality adjustment. They became the aggressors, the ones attacking the basket. And it worked.  That aggressive attitude created a breakdown of Miami's defense, and San Antonio was nailing their shots.

It was beautiful to watch that kind of teamwork out there, both from a basketball player and fan perspective. In the last game, San Antonio, a team that was moving and sharing the ball, gave you a glimpse of what it was like to play with Magic Johnson. It's a mentality of everybody getting involved, everybody doing whatever it takes – pass, set a screen, keep moving. That was beautiful to watch, especially in the first quarter. It was like watching five Magic Johnson's out there.

I think Miami stayed on their heels from a defensive standpoint. They didn't step up and really take the challenge or match San Antonio's effort. And it exposed Miami; they got exploited in the first half. In the third quarter, they had a spurt...they were flying around on defense, switching players. When they are extremely aggressive on defense, that's when they are at their best.  They had a small spurt of that effort, but I don't think they could sustain that.

It's a game of runs, and Miami just couldn't respond. They got the first shot and next thing you know, they were down by 20 points. They've been known to get off to a slow start and play with lackadaisical effort. I don't know the last time I've seen Miami dominate a playoff game at home with a statement game. They always find a way to win, but not with a statement game that says "not on my court" or "not in my house."

When it comes to Game 4, I think Miami is going to step up and try to match San Antonio's effort. Each game is different, but the Spurs found something that worked for them in Game 3. I think they are going to come in with the same approach, but Miami will try to match that effort this time.

Nobody is expecting San Antonio to shoot 75 percent again. And Miami is going to exert their Championship will in Game 4. They are going to find a way to get even.

This is dressed up for a 7-game series, and I'm really enjoying it.