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Pressure's On For Game 4

A clinic, hosted by the Spurs, broke out at Game 3 of the NBA Finals. It was the most incredible first quarter that I've seen in my 40 years of watching the NBA.

I've never seen anybody move the ball like that, make the right passes and finish.  In the first half they had something like 14 assists on 25 baskets. Anybody can make a pass (my 85-year-old mother could make a pass), but not like the Spurs. If I'm on the Spurs, I could pass the ball to post or I could feed into a player who's in position to score. If I'm a cutter, I'm going to cut a little bit harder, sharper, tighter, because I know the ball is going to be on time and on target. A great passer motivates a great receiver. The Spurs' precision was breathtaking.

I would venture to say that if Erik Spoelstra weren't involved in the Finals he would think the Spurs' play in Game 3 was really great. But he's on the other side thinking about how his team can stop them. Because of that, it puts so much pressure on the Miami offense to try and meet the scoring need.

They were down 21 at the half, and I think Spoelstra's halftime locker room speech was one of the finest speeches made by a coach. He told them they needed to shave a few points off, play with courage, play with heart, do what they do. It was a fantastic balance of firm, but not over the top where these guys felt pressure. He was just spot-on, and those guys came out electric in the first six or seven minutes.

You could feel their energy, but in the back of my mind, I was wondering how long Miami could claw back into the game without any production from Chris Bosh. Role players are role players, but stars have to be stars on the brightest stage. When the lights are bright, that's when the greats get their reputation. LeBron and Dwyane played really hard, but I believe Chris has to be an equal opportunity offensive player for Miami to win this series. As a matter of fact, he's my X-factor for Miami. He's got to do more than stand in the corner. He's got to be like a realtor – location, location, location – and sometimes you have to change your zip code a little bit.

The biggest thing I'm noticing is the bench. The depth of San Antonio is unbelievable. I actually thought that Patty Mills and Boris Diaw closed the barn door when Miami was trying to make a comeback. Diaw picked up a couple charges, made some nice passes...Mills had multiple defensive efforts. And then when Miami cut it to 7, Belinelli hit the three-pointer to take it back to 10. You could see that took the steam out of Miami. Can the Heat make a comeback? Yes. But can they sustain it?

Going into Game 4, the pressure is all over Miami. They do not want to go back into San Antonio down 3-1, which would be a massive hole to try and come out of. They must get the win...with rebounding, low turnovers and pushing the pace. They have to rebound and run before San Antonio sets their defense, and I think they need a combination of about 65 points from the Big 3.

I think Miami wins tonight. They have too much pride, they have hearts of warriors, they don't quit and they know they have to win tonight. It's one of those must-have games in the life an NBA player competing in the Finals.