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Bring On The Parade

The San Antonio Spurs share one focus. The team has a plan and everyone is executing and following that plan. I see that they are on one page with how much they are willing to sacrifice. And they are willing to sacrifice at all costs, which was perfectly exhibited in Game 4.

When the game was pretty much decided and San Antonio went to their bench, the players came in running the same offense, putting in the same effort on defense, moving the ball, moving their bodies...putting in the same amount of effort as the starters were, which signifies that they are all bought into the team concept. No matter the name on the jersey, everybody was fulfilling their own responsibilities.

This team has one voice. All egos have been left in the locker room. It doesn't matter who's on the court, if this was an All-Star Game or the Olympics, what their past pedigree has been...all egos have apparently been checked in the locker room. When they step on that court, it's one team with one voice.

It's ultimately about winning at all costs. That means accountability. They are accountable to one another and self-police themselves out there. They don't even need Coach Popovich to hold them accountable to a certain standard because they are policing themselves.

It's a wonderful thing to see as a player, a fan, and as somebody who's looking at the next NBA Champions. I see nothing but the 2014 NBA Championship going to the San Antonio Spurs.

Let the games begin. Bring on the parade. San Antonio in Game 5.