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Safe To Say, Mission Accomplished

Okay, if anyone who watched the NBA Finals thinks that the Miami Heat is a better basketball team than the San Antonio Spurs, you need to stop watching professional basketball because you don't have a clue as to what constitutes a great team, nor do you have any idea what great basketball was played by the Spurs.

I was proud of the Heat for the way they came out at the start of Game 5. Unfortunately, that's the way they needed to come out and play in Game 4. Hold on, I need to correct myself. That is the way I expected LeBron James to come out and play in Game 4. Sadly for Miami, LeBron was the only one who played at a high level. He must have been thinking that he was back in Cleveland where he never got the type of support necessary to win a Championship.

This game was a perfect example of why a team will beat individual stars on a consistent basis.

Trailing 22-6, the Spurs proceeded to surgically dissect the Heat as they outscored them by 24 points. They accomplished this with Tony Parker unable to even make a field goal.  

This series was a total dismantling of the defending Champion Miami Heat. All four Spurs victories were by 15 or more points and Miami was lucky to win Game 2.  

Once again, the Spurs bench completely dominated the Miami bench, outscoring them 45-21, with Manu Ginobili leading the way with 19 points and Patty Mills chipping in with 17 points )hitting five of eight three-pointers).

I was pleased to see Kawhi Leonard being named MVP of the Championship Series. This young man is on his way to becoming one of the elite players in the NBA.

With their fifth NBA Championship, the San Antonio Spurs have solidified their status as the best NBA team in the 21st century.

Thanks to Gregg Popovich opening up the offense a few seasons ago, the Spurs have  become the ultimate team for showing the world the proper way the game of basketball should be played.

There has been a lot of talk about the Spurs being on a mission this season to try and redeem themselves for the loss last year in the Finals. If that indeed was true, they can now say mission accomplished.