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The Copter

Back in the early 60's one of the dominating players in street ball history was Herman "Helicopter Knowles". With A dominating hook he rarely missed a foul shot, Willies Reed said he was the strongest player that he ever played against . After playing against "Helicopter " , Willis Reed changed for the better. Helicopter was the best at blocking out opponents, his rebounding was of a great technique that I copied - smashing the ball against the backboard and then it will drop into your lap - and we called it the Willie Mays. Now Helicopter was a great Shot locker with his ability to linger in the air ; which , prompted his nickname given to him by Ron Jackson. They both played in all of the tournaments together and it was as if they could read each others mind. It was a very sad day, when I was told that Helicopter had passed in his cab at 145th and Lenox.
At the "Copters" funeral it was very sad and easy to speak about his life, for he was a very honest person. Not a day goes by without someone yelling at me "Hey Copter how'd you doing?" And I turn with a smile to say " Hello there"