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NBA Free Agency

There's an old saying, "Don't beat a dead horse." Obviously, the media doesn't pay much attention to that old saying. The amount of coverage being given on radio and TV to the decisions by LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony as to where they're going to play basketball next season has been excessive to say the least.

The reality is that everything being said is total speculation. Everything is just conjecture. Until the time when they make their final decision, all of this talk is meaningless.

I can understand discussing the improvement a team would make if LeBron or Carmelo were to join them, but, again, what great purpose does it serve? Do the analysis after the decision has been made, when there is something definitive to talk about and you know what the teams had to give up in order to procure the service of that particular player.

Since the majority of free agent conversation is about LeBron and Carmelo, along with Chris Bosh, people are neglecting to talk about Kevin Love, who I feel can make a huge difference for a lot of teams.

I'm looking forward to the decisions of the star players as to where they will be playing next season. At that time, a further and meaningful analysis is justified.