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Welcome to the Top of the Top: July's Pro Leaderboard Champions

It's that time again! With July coming to a close last week, the moment arrived for us to tally the pageviews, analyze the results and find out who dominated in our SportsBlog Pro leaderboard competition. For our SportsBlog professional athletes, the competition remains fierce each month to see who will have the top blog – and score the sweet prize money that comes along with it. We're stoked to announce July's top three Pro blogging champions. Here's who topped the charts:

#1:  Charlie Villanueva's Crossroads Webisodes Made Us All #BelieveinCharlie

In July, NBA free agent Charlie Villanueva made SportsBlog history by launching his groundbreaking "Crossroads" Webisode series on his blog. Most recently with the Detroit Pistons, Villanueva faces an uncertain future as a free agent, where anything can happen. Without a doubt, he's at a crossroads in his career, and -- four episodes into his series -- he's been brutally honest about the challenges he faces.

"This is a critical period in my career that can make or break me," Villanueva wrote.  He hasn't broken yet -- not by a long shot.  Find out why Villanueva's the talk of the town -- and maybe get inspired while you're at it -- by watching his full Webisode series on his blog here.

#2: Jeff Nixon Spoke Up About NFL and NCAA Controversies – and We Listened

NFL legend Jeff Nixon continues to find himself in the top spots of our Pro leaderboard with his bold and insightful analysis of NFL players' issues on his NFL Retired Players United blog. In July, readers turned up in droves to hear what he had to say about the current concussion class action suits against the NFL and the NCAA.

For example, most recently, the NCAA settled its lawsuit, but, as Nixon pointed out, the settlement could have gone a lot better for both former and current players. "Unfortunately, the Settlement not only abandons compensation for former athletes, it also fails to provide treatment for anyone who gets screened and is found to have brain injuries," Nixon wrote. Read all of his recent analyses on his blog here.

#3: WNBA All-Star Shoni Schimmel Kept Winning More Fans

By now you shouldn't be surprised to see WNBA rookie and first-time All-Star Shoni Schimmel as a Pro leaderboard champion, because this is her fourth month in a row running in the top spots. In July, Schimmel blogged live from her first WNBA All-Star weekend, and her enthusiasm and upbeat outlook was infectious.

"To be able to play against the best of the best and against people you grew up watching and idolizing throughout the years was mind blowing!" she wrote. It's easy to see why she keeps winning more fans each month (not to mention games! This one's got talent). Make sure you read all her recent posts on her blog here.

A big congratulations to our three Pro leaderboard champs! We can't wait to see who'll end up on the top chart next month.